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These are a random selection of the many hundreds of letters & emails we have received from satisfied customers.
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Dear Maria,

I must write to let you and your colleagues know just how pleased I am with my walker. I have been using it for about four weeks now and it is perfect. Just the right size and I love the colour.

I have noticed several walkers when I have been out and about and they all seem to be too large for the users.

My family have often pointed out the walkers but I always reply "Yes, but mine's the best, it's a Uniscan".

So there you are - another very satisfied customer with a rollator MADE IN ENGLAND!

Please let the staff in the workshop etc., know how I appreciate all their hard work. Fantastic job they have all done something I know will last many years.

Many thanks again,

Mary Gosling

Uniscan Ltd,
Thanks for reminding me to check brakes etc. I ordered a spare set of ferrules when I purchased walker, so I am all prepared.
My walker has proved to be my 'lifeline', it gives me confidence and with the seat and tray I am quite independent!
Thanks again,

Mrs I Wallace
Dumfries & Galloway

Dear Mr Morris,
This is a belated reply to your own message of June 13th which offered a response to our search for a walking frame that employed sensible engineering. I thought you might like to know what happened.

We eventually bought your Triumph model. As you pointed out, it has no projecting nuts on its wheels, which means that the amount of damage caused to home decoration has already been markedly reduced. The brake cables are nicely tucked in and do not catch on protruding objects. In addition, the tripod design makes it easy to direct the Triumph accurately through gaps, while the double wheel set makes the arrangement surprisingly stable.

We have been further impressed by the real thinking that has gone into the design. The lock-safe unfolding device is excellent, the carry bag is surprisingly capacious, the slip-into-place seat is more accommodating than that on any four wheel model we have encountered. The machine is light weight, while double tube engineering makes it rigid and strong.

As you must know, it is not easy to find products best suited to help with disabilities, because they vary so much with the individual. But, after years of research and use of other products, we think the Triumph offers a major advance in fitness for purpose over any similar device we have seen.

It was also a plus point that you responded so rapidly and in accurate detail to our original enquiry. Your competitors (we wrote to five of them) either offered general messages, to send their catalogue, or did not reply at all. I cannot suggest that your individually tuned response was the final cause of our purchase, but it certainly alerted us to the possibility that your company had the answer to our problem, and gave us a favourable bias in your direction. Many thanks.

Mr R Smith
(by e-mail)

Dear Mr Morris,
My walker continues to be my life-saver. I couldn't manage without it and it always arouses much interest. I've lost count of the number of people I have given your name and telephone number - keep up the good work!!

Mrs M Symonds

Just a note to say thanks,
I spoke to Maria during the week regarding your stockists in the northwest, consequently
I have just bought a Uniscan 'Cadet' from RDK Bolton .
Your light weight product has given my mother the opportunity to be much more mobile as she can lift it into her car.
You have a good sales team selling a quality product.
All the best for the future.

Mr Paul Crosby
(by e-mail)

Dear All at Uniscan,
My mother purchased a Glider Plus Adjustable in July 2015 and it has been invaluable to her. She has more confidence when using it around the house and we hope soon she will be able to enjoy the freedom of using it outdoors again.
thank you for such an excellent product.


Julia Stevens
Thundersley, Essex

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