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These are a random selection of the many hundreds of letters & emails we have received from satisfied customers.
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Dear Sirs,
I do not know how to thank you adequetly for repairing and refurbishing my walker. I was delighted to welcome it home after a long week away! I missed it so much as I was very limited in my outdoor activities without it.
I cannot speak too highly of the courtesy and kindness to those whom I spoke on the telephone. Nothing was too much trouble for them. I thank you for all you have done for me - first of all for inventing the walker and secondly for repairing and refurbishing it to such a high standard of workmanship. It looks almost new again!
I shall take every opportunity to sing your praises for the high standard of workmanship and excellent customer service. It is quite a while since I had such a pleasing experience with a business. Thank you again.

Mrs J Nye
Reading, Berkshire

I would like to thank your service staff for being so friendly and helpful. I ordered a replacement brake assembly yesterday morning and it arrived today. Wonderful, speedy, efficient service. Thank-you.

Mr Cooke
by e-mail

Hello Geoff Morris,

Thank you for your kind reminder to check the brakes on my walker.

I'm a widow, but am very fortunate in that I have family who regularly upend my walker to check it and do the necessary adjustments. I think they wish my walker could talk - if only to tell just where I disappeared to the last time they wanted a babysitter!

I honestly rate Uniscan walkers the best. I have tried others but they don't compare to Uniscan for sturdiness and ease of obtaining spares.

I would also like to add a sincere complement to Uniscan's telephone staff - always polite, helpful and patient. Thank you ladies.

Mrs J New
by e-mail

Dear Geoff,
Please find enclosed payment re: the repair to my Mother's Glider Plus Adjustable.

As always - many thanks for coming up trumps again! You do seem to have the 'answer to everything' and Customer Service second to none. So of course it is no surprise that Uniscan won the 2009 Essex Countywide Excellent Customer Service business award.

All good wishes,

Ms H Nichols

Dear Mrs Butler,

I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and in the last few months my mobility diminished rapidly and I lost confidence in my ability to stand and was very afraid of falling.

After a recent spell in hospital the physiotherapist very kindly loaned me a walking frame, which I found helpful but the constant lifting and placing of the frame began to take its toll on my rather weak arms and hands.

It was very fortunate that in this small estate of retirement bungalows where we live there were two neighbours to be seen dashing around so to speak! My enquiries led me to borrow one for an hour or so although it was a man's size I found I was coping very well.

You can perhaps imagine my delight when we discovered that a child's size was available and since it's arrival I too have been dashing around so to speak! My confidence has returned and some mobility but the bonus for me has to be the independence, being able to get out of bed and go through the night.

I've been out street shopping, enjoyed being able to sit and rest and love both the basket and shopping bag.

My sincere thanks to you all.

Peggy Hillman
Soham, Cambs

Just a note to say thanks,
I spoke to Maria during the week regarding your stockists in the northwest, consequently
I have just bought a Uniscan 'Cadet' from RDK Bolton .
Your light weight product has given my mother the opportunity to be much more mobile as she can lift it into her car.
You have a good sales team selling a quality product.
All the best for the future.

Mr Paul Crosby
(by e-mail)

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