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Hello Janet,

I just wanted to give you a bit of feedback.

Yesterday we went to the garden centre which Mum had not been to for ages because of not being able to walk very far. I can honestly say it was quite emotional for me because to watch her walk with the Triumph on her own, independent (apart from me helping her negotiate corners and up and down raised bits) was so good.

What was great was the fact that when she got tired we could put the brakes on and she could have a sit down. So much better than when she was walking with a stick and hanging on to my arm and we would be desperately trying to find a seat for her - 9 times out of 10 there never was one so outings were very restrictive.

It was money well spent and I want to say a big thank you for designing such a lightweight and simple device but which has the effect of being such a huge help. Mum used to be such an active person and it's heartbreaking to see her like this, so anything which gives her a boost is most welcome. The orthopeadic consultant we saw recently said if Mum gives up and goes into a wheel chair that will be it and so it's very important to keep active. We are also making visits to a lovely osteopath who is in agreement that Mum should remain active as long as possible so this walker will enable that.

S Pittam
By e-mail

I would like to thank your service staff for being so friendly and helpful. I ordered a replacement brake assembly yesterday morning and it arrived today. Wonderful, speedy, efficient service. Thank-you.

Mr Cooke
by e-mail

Dear Mr Morris,
Thank you for sending the walker which arrived safely last week.
I am very pleased with it as it eases my shoulders and is much better than the hospital one I had. I am also finding increasing uses for the walker and shall be able to enjoy it better when the warm weather comes.
I shall certainly recommend it to friends - I heard about it from a friend of mine who also owns one.
Yours sincerely,

Joyce H Corp

I can't begin to tell you how wonderful the 'Triumph' walker has been. It has enabled me to travel to Australia, fly to Monaco and go on a cruise - not only that but has made it possible to do the cooking etc and be independent again.

Mrs S Bruce

Dear Mr Morris,
I'm ordering a new Uniscan walker and I want to let you know just what that means!

I first purchased a Uniscan walker for my mother and was so impressed with it. It was wonderful for her.

16 years ago due to increasing arthritis I myself got a Uniscan and have had several over the years. I cannot ever express in words what it has meant to me. As the years have gone on I have been able to get about, put it into my car and in many other cars, have travelled everywhere with my Uniscan. It has helped my quality of life, recreation and been so functional over the years.

As my mobility has decreased, I am unable to go out any longer, but I still have mobility in my home. I can move about, do little jobs and sit whenever I need a rest. A really wonderful little light miracle.

In my lifetime I have seen practically all the modern wonders, but I have no doubt that in help to humanity especially the less able Uniscan deserve the 'peoples medal for services to suffering people' giving them renewal of active life - truly one of the centuries miracles.

Bless you all. There are now all sorts of walkers on the market, but believe me there is only one Uniscan! The original and very best in every way.

I also want to thank you all for your kindness and helpfulness at all times.

I really can't wait for the delivery of my new walker.

Bless and thank you all.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Kershaw

Hello Geoff Morris,

Thank you for your kind reminder to check the brakes on my walker.

I'm a widow, but am very fortunate in that I have family who regularly upend my walker to check it and do the necessary adjustments. I think they wish my walker could talk - if only to tell just where I disappeared to the last time they wanted a babysitter!

I honestly rate Uniscan walkers the best. I have tried others but they don't compare to Uniscan for sturdiness and ease of obtaining spares.

I would also like to add a sincere complement to Uniscan's telephone staff - always polite, helpful and patient. Thank you ladies.

Mrs J New
by e-mail

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