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Dear Mr Morris
I recently purchased a Freeway walker in burgundy and wish to let you know how pleased I am and congratulate you and your staff on the design and quality of your product. It has increased my mobility and confidence and I have received many favourable comments from people, some unknown to me.
Thank you very much.
Yours sincerely,

Mrs M Symonds

Dear Sir,

I have recently purchased a walking frame from your company and I am delighted with it.

I have Multiple Sclerosis and use two sticks to aid walking about... since I have had my walking frame it feels so much more stable than sticks that I hardly ever use them any more.

One other benefit worth mentioning is the tray, which I have found an absolute boon, as I cannot usually carry food or drinks from the kitchen to the dining room. I am now so much more independent since I have had my walking frame.

Yours faithfully

C.S.Wilkins (Mrs)
Alvaston, Derby

Dear Sir,
Thank you for the Glider Plus Adjustable which arrived here on the 3rd of June and was brought inside the house for me - very good service.

I had one before which was given to me by a friend whose friend used it till she passed away when she was a few days off 100 years.

I found it really great as I couldn't get about without it. This new one will be much better.

Thanks again for the good service

Mrs D Tweedie
Dumfries, Scotland

Dear Sirs,

Thank you very much for sending the Uniscan Walker so promptly. I am absolutely delighted with it, it is even better than I had imagined. It is easy to manoeuvre and I do like the colour. It has been a pleasure to deal with helpful co-operative staff.

Yours sincerely,

Miss E. Milne
Kings Lynn

I have recently obtained the custom made, Glider Plus model and I am very impressed with it.

I have a mild form of Ceribal Palsy and my employer obtained a Uniscan Glider Plus Adjustable for me 2 years ago. It gave me a new lease of life!

I wanted another walker for my personal use, so I contacted a local mobility specialist. They said they did not stock Uniscans but had another make 50 cheaper and 'just as good' and said 'you are only paying for the Uniscan name. After about a month of use I was able to compare my Uniscan at work with the cheaper model at home. Quite simply the Uniscan was the best!

The cheap model rolled fairly easy but the 4 wheels were too big, making it difficult to move in tight spaces. The braking system hardly worked at all, the seat would not store properly when walking and the backrest only consisted of a single bar.

I decided to contact Uniscan and I now have a new Uniscan walker at home. The one touch braking system works very well and the tray, which also neatly folds away means I can safely carry hot cups and plates around my home.

To summarise I would describe my new Uniscan walker as 'superb' and worth every penny!!

Thank you for your consideration,

Mr D Thom
Edinburgh, Scotland
(by e-mail)

The Chief Designer or to whom it may concern,

I am a disabled car driver and recently noticed one of your Uniscan walkers being used by a friend who allowed me to try it. It was an experience for which I shall be eternally grateful. I had not been able to walk more than 50 yards with a stick for several years.

The following day I purchased the Uniscan folding walker with front bag, seat and shopping bag. This has transformed my life.

I can now go on buses and coaches (I can sit as I wait at a bus stop) and visit exhibitions etc., being able to rest when and where necessary. The future has suddenly brightened.

I had to write to thank you for the new lease of life you have given me.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs J Giles

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